Pupil Premium Funding Statement


The Pupil Premium is a government funding allowance for schools which is additional to main school funding. It was introduced in April 2011. The amount allocated is linked directly to the number of pupils eligible for Free School Meals, the number of pupils whose families work in the Armed Services, and the number of children in the care of the Local Authority (‘Looked After’ children).

At Ash Villa School, where students dual-rolled with us are eligible for Pupil Premium funding, we do not draw this from the main school whilst their student is at Ash Villa. Main schools provide ongoing support for their students during their admission to Ash Villa, for example releasing staff to attend meetings and visit their students.

On very rare occasions a student who is Pupil Premium eligible may be single rolled with Ash Villa School. Should this eventuality occur, the school would support the completion of the necessary application documentation and carry out an analysis of need to ensure that the funding is best used.

The Headteacher and Governing Body of the school monitor the amount of Pupil Premium funding received, how it is then allocated, and the impact of how it is spent. In 2017-18 this was:

Amount of Pupil Premium (due to Free School Meals) funding received per eligible pupil: £0

Amount of Armed Services funding received per eligible pupil: £0

Amount of Looked After Children funding per eligible pupil: £0

Total amount of Pupil Premium funding received by Ash Villa School for 2017-18: £0