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Our values; to respect, to support, to enrich, to enjoy, to re-engage and to re-integrate.
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Lincolnshire Safeguarding Board

Due to the current situation with COVID-19 the best way to contact school staff is by email.  If you do not have the member of staff's email details please send your message to enquiries@ashvilla.lincs.sch.uk and it will be forwarded to them.  Alternatively you can complete an enquiry form through the Contact Us link above.

The Department for Education does not expect the school to handle complaints while it is closed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The school will however still engage with parents and pupils where it can. Complaints will be considered once the government confirms schools can safely reopen.

Welcome to our school website. I hope that you find the information it contains useful. We are a Lincolnshire County Council Special Hospital School for 11 to 18 year olds who are inpatients on the Ash Villa hospital unit. Please see our admissions policy for further information.

The school works closely with colleagues from health on the Inpatient Unit to ensure a continuity of care for each young person.  Daily meetings take place to ensure that the needs of the young person are being met in school.  School staff liaise with health colleagues on all aspects of a young person's wellbeing including safeguarding, medication and risk management.  The school building is attached to the inpatient unit enabling smooth transitions and the availability of medical support throughout the school day.

During a young person’s admission we provide on-site support at Ash Villa. We can also provide support for a young person to reintegrate back to their current educational establishment during their admission.

Our aim is to provide a continuation of education for each student and our school environment and teaching staff aim to enable each student to feel safe, supported, valued and respected.

For those young people accessing education prior to admission we will liaise with their school or college to identify the best way to support them with their current studies. For those young people not in education at the time of admission we offer a variety of courses that the young person can take during their admission. Upon admission each student receives an individual timetable specific to their particular needs, with the provision to attend school full-time.

Ash Villa School also provides educational activities off-site as well as utilising a wide range of visitors to enhance the variety of activities young people can access during their admission. 

If you have any questions about the school please telephone me on 01529 488066 or email enquiries@ashvilla.lincs.sch.uk heading your message School Enquiry.

Mr Leigh Bentley